Landfill & Waste Management


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Landfill & Waste Management


Our team of landfill specialists have

expertise in managing risks and environmental compliance associated with all phases of the landfill lifecycle

Our specialist engineers and scientists are experienced in the monitoring and assessment of groundwater,leachate and landfill gases. Our understanding of geological and hydrogeological characteristics enable our specialists to develop accurate conceptual site models on which our qualitative risk assessments are based.


From planning, design and siting, through the operational phases and on to post closure management, Resolve provides practical and cost effective solutions.

Quantitative risk assessment and gas migration modelling are based on the results of LFG bore installation and monitoring results. Our team of experts is also active in protecting the interests of landfill managers and adjoining property owners alike through the development of risk mitigation strategies to address landfill gas and contaminated groundwater migration (including vapour barriers, cut-off walls/trenches, enhanced controlled gas extraction etc). Resolve also has experience in delivering solutions for off-gas treatment and the beneficial

utilisation of methane.



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