From acquisition negotiations through environmental assessment, site remediation and regulatory permitting, Resolve delivers solutions across development project of all types which help deliver projects under time and budget.

Our property development services include:

• Due-Diligence Assessment for Property

  Acquisition / Divestment

• Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) and

  Detailed Site Investigations (DSI)

• Environmental Assessment for Statutory

  Environmental Audit           

• Development and Implementation of

  Construction and Site Management Plans

• Site Infrastructure Demolition /

  Decommissioning Services

• Risk Assessment and Risk Management

• Soil and Groundwater Remediation







We work and partner with property developers on projects of all sizes. From residential development to commercial/industrial through to large infrastructure projects, Resolve has the expertise required to deliver creative solutions for your development needs.


Key Markets -

Property Development


Our strength is providing property

developers with fast-turnaround specialist

environmental services



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Property Development