Asbestos and Hazardous Materials

Resolve has the experience and capability to provide asbestos management and remediation solutions across a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential sites.

In compliance with state and national regulations persons who ‘manage’ or ‘control’ a workplace have the duty to identify and manage ACM. This generally comprises the engagement of a suitably qualified person to undertake onsite assessments and subsequent development of an ACM register. However, it remains the ‘duty holders’ responsibility to ensure all risks associated with ACM are suitably managed should their safe removal be impracticable.

Resolve offers the following Asbestos Management Solutions:

  • Asbestos Assessments – Compliance Management;
  • Asbestos Assessments – Pre-Refurbishment and Demolition;
  • Asbestos Management Plan development;
  • Asbestos Management System development;
  • 3rd Party Reviews;
  • High Level Advice/Management Solutions; and
  • Hazardous Materials Identification and Management.
  • Friable and Non-friable Removal of Fixed and Installed Asbestos; and
  • Soil Remediation and Asbestos Contamination.
  • Visual Inspections and Clearances; and
  • Air Monitoring Validation.
asbestos management
asbestos management
asbestos management

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