Landfill Services

Resolve’s team of dedicated landfill experts are leaders in the industry providing cost effective solutions for operational and closed landfill facilities.

Landfill and Waste Management Consulting

We are active in managing environmental and licensing issues at waste management facilities across Australia.  The advantage of Resolve’s approach to landfill management is our focus on minimising environmental liabilities while ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines, licensing conditions and best practice management.

Our specialist services include:

  • Annual environmental compliance monitoring:
  • Annual Environmental Reporting (AER),
  • National Greenhouse and Energy (NGER) reporting,
  • Annual Performance Statement (APS) submission,
  • Pollution Abatement Notice (PAN) and Post Closure Pollution Abatement Notice (PCPAN),
  • Hydrogeological Assessment (HA), including development of detailed Conceptual Site Models (CSM).
  • Landfill Risk Assessment (RA), including Landfill Gas Risk Assessment (LFGRA),
  • Landfill Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP),
  • Landfill Aftercare Management Plan (AMP),
  • Emerging Contaminant (PFAS) Advice,
  • Community and stakeholder engagement/consultation.
  • Legislative approvals and considerations for environmental planning, infrastructure siting and operations,
  • Alternative waste technologies assessment, selection, concept design and feasibility,
  • Procurement and construction management,
  • Waste Auditing.

Landfill Infrastructure Design and Construction

Resolve provides turnkey infrastructure solutions to complex issues associated with the ongoing management of gas, leachate and water typical of operating and closed landfill facilities.  Our design team works with clients to develop effective and cost efficient infrastructure solutions specific to each facility.  With our strategic partnerships with experienced and skilled sub-contactors, Resolve will act as primary contractor for landfill infrastructure construction, installation, commissioning and management.

Our wholistic approach to infrastructure solutions provides clients with a single point of accountability and confidence in delivery without the issues of managing the process.

Resolve Environmental Landfill services
Resolve Environmental Landfill services
Resolve Environmental Landfill services

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