Due Diligence and Strategic Advice

Resolve works with land developers, builders, financiers and government bodies to provide guidance and help mitigate risk for property acquisition and divestment programs.

Contamination can prove a significant barrier to potential development opportunities; representing health risk, financial liabilities and restricted property use. Clean up often involves significant investment of time and money. Advance knowledge and sound planning help reduce liability and unexpected costs associated with environmental issues. We help clients make informed decisions before signing contracts, whether they are pursuing land purchase / development plans or selling property.

Resolve can act on your behalf to provide:

  • Initial planning and due diligence advice
  • Peer review assessments to ensure adequacy of due diligence reports / assessments that are being used in property transfers
  • Provide advice in real estate transactions and liability transfer advice
  • Cost review of peer services
Due Diligence
Due Diligence
Due Diligence

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